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What We Do

AutoPilot Trading offers busy professionals market beating tools with less time and stress by bringing together clear and simple technical analysis with proprietary, “fire-and-forget” order entry routines.


Our Approach

Each weekend, our members get the “Preflight Checklist,” a rundown of the best opportunities available in the market, as determined by our 3-step Precision Entry Point Routine. This detailed checklist lets members earn while they learn the mechanics of trading.


Our Mission

We want busy professionals to have the tools to set their own course for retirement.

Success Stories

“Time is important to me so one benefit I have experienced from using the Autopilot system is the time savings. Each week Dennis provides a small list of stocks and ETFs that are setting up based on his swing trading system which saves hours of research.”

Mark L.

I’ve told you before that I think what you all are doing…could save a whole lot of small investors whom we both know can’t depend on the sharks in the investment world. Stay with it.


Austin, TX

Because of the education I got through your team I could stand outside this market  turmoil and observe the tense moments. Your input about today’s market action will help people like me to trade better.


A Simple System

Rather than chasing what’s popular, AutoPilot Trading focuses on the stocks with exceptional fundamental strength and clear, repeating technical patterns, so you get the best opportunities in the market every week.

Precision Targeting

The AutoPilot Trading Service tells you exactly where our master trader is planning his trades every weekend. You get to see his plan with enough time to do your own research (and set up your own trade targeting). 

How I learned to be consistently profitable despite working 10-12 hour days

I knew the stats that over 90% of traders failed to earn a profit–but I was determined to beat the odds.

Instead, I almost became a statistic.

You see, I started trading over 30 years ago, while I was still in the Navy. With dreams of easy riches in my head, I opened a brokerage account and started counting the days until I could live the good life.

No matter how many books I read, or weekend seminars I crammed in my brain, I could never find my way to consistent profits.

Over ten years in, and buckets of money in the training hole, I wondered if my retirement was at risk. I had made some money, and lost it just as quickly. I had chased the “high-probability” strategies that promised to be the Holy grail, and almost blew up my account.

At that point, I realized I had become one of the 90%

It was a crossroads–and I had to choose if I would continue trying to fight my way through, or take the traditional advice.

I’m sure you’ve been there if you’ve been trading for a while.

By this time, I had retired from the Navy and was well into a second career in civil engineering. There wasn’t much time to read books and go to classes, let alone to implement that learning.

I made the choice to push through, but I had to do things differently.

I had to return to the focus required of a pilot trying to land on a carrier.

I gathered the best elements of the systems I’d studied for over a decade. I ruthlessly cut the fat.

The watchlist was gutted.

Setups were deep-sixed.

Triggers were thrown overboard.

The only way I could trade around my demanding professional schedule was to manage everything after hours. That led to a system that I could manage with minimal time on the weekends.

      • A handful of stocks and ETFs
      • 1 Setup
      • 4 Triggers

And then I discovered the secret that made my investments work harder than I did, even if I wasn’t there to watch the market.

It led to consistently beating the market and averaging over 35% per year since 2012.

Do you want to know the secret?

Setting my trades on AutoPilot.

With modern tools, I developed techniques and routines that made trading like giving instructions to a self-driving car.

I told the trading platform my destination, and let the system do the rest.

It made me more consistent and more profitable with less stress than when I tried watching and micro-managing my trades.

This process transformed me from a haphazard, emotional “gambler” into a cool, consistently profitable trader.

It gave me my life and my future back.

And I want that transformation for you.

Whether you’re a novice trader, or have years of up-and-down experience, you deserve to have a system that delivers serious profit potential while letting you live your life!


Join the Autopilot Traders.
Your future is ready for takeoff!


AutoPilot Trading By the Numbers

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Dennis Wilborn

Dennis is a former Naval Aviator and Professional Engineer who began trading over 30 years ago. He’s beaten the market every year since 2012, with an average return of over 35% using the AutoPilot Trading System. He has been coaching and training busy professionals how to trade with an efficient and simple system for ten years. He’s been teaching people to put their trades on AutoPilot for the last four years.

In his free time, he volunteers in a community of faithful entrepreneurs and spends time soaking up the Hawaiian sun, travelling, and mentoring younger couples with his wife of over 45 years.


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